Introducing…. Raewyn

5 Jul


So I won this saddle on TradeMe (NZ’s version of Ebay, but sooooo much better) for $100. It’s very similar indeed to Somerset, but it was 1/3 of the price and x3 in better condition. And x3 better packaged for shipping.


Offside: with intact flap, coin purse, billets, Y balance strap and what I think is a stirrup leather. None of the billets are particularly worn, so I wonder how much this saddle was used


The underside: will need new panels


The seat: will need more webbing, it’s all there but the nails have popped or torn out

Near side 2

But the leaping head is fine, and the safe is mostly intact. It needs restitching around the edges, and there’s some rubs and holes that might be okay

Near side

Nearside: fixed head needs putting back together with new padding and leather, but the overgirth and all three billets are there are remarkably intact with little wear

Front view

Front: the back half of the seat leather is perished and needs replacing, as well as the fixed head

So like Somerset, it lacks a cutback head and has a rather dippy seat. But this is NZ, where a Whippy would fetch $4000.  I may be shopping on a concussion, but even I wouldn’t splurge on that.

Also, I am in luck – the NZSSA recommended saddler for the North Island lives just 1.5 hours drive from where I live, where my Grandmother also lives. So I will see about dropping this beauty into him next week.

I purchased this from a lass who had purchased it, intending to get it restored, but never got around to it. She purchased it from a town 45 mins from me, from the widow of a saddler, it was a saddle he’d been meaning to restore for years.

Thanks to a bit of TradeMe stalking (the things you have time for when you have a concussion) the widow’s name is Raewyn, so the saddle is named in honour of her.


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