16 Nov

I’ve received some great encouragement and suggestions on what do to next with the saddle. The next step was definitely getting some oils into the leather. I went straight back to Horselands and picked up a tub of effax balm. It’s pretty much avocado oil and beeswax.

Erica cleaning while I take photos

Erica came over and gave me a hand slathering it into the leather, which instantly turned the leather a deep brown.

Deep, dark and handsome!

I can’t believe it, Here I was thinking that the saddle was a london tan sort of colour. It really was quite mustard-y yellow, and I like dark brown tack better.

Mustard yellow to chocolate brown

The safe is the most spectacular, it’s totally changed and I’m very optimistic that all of it can be saved.

Fixed head – taken with the flash on

Also, the embroidered leather on the heads has come up beautifully, and is slightly mahogany!

A different saddle now

The effect of all this is just a-freaking-mazing. It’s so satisfying to rub the balm into the leather. It also makes my hands smell delicious.

Bake for six hours at roughly 40 degrees calculus

Then after lots of balm, it went into the back of my car. I have a liftback car and it’s the start of summer in Queensland, and it’s cooks in there. I did throw a blanket over the top so it didn’t get any UV damage, and then went out for a delicious end-of-year lunch with my classmates.


Lillian Chaudry, sidesaddler extrodinaire from the USA, told me that I could seperate the panels further from the tree if I pull out some tacks and nails. So this was the next step.

The panel coming away from the front of the saddle

The nails and tacks were bloody hard to get out. Luckily I had a pair of needlenosed pliers in my toolkit.

Panels coming off the cantle

Even more debris came out as the panels came off. The vacuum cleaner made itself useful again.

And then they came off!!!

So just as Lillian said, the points came out of the pocket and the whole fell off the tree. Which was great, because I could then see exactly how everything was put together.

One undamaged piece of saddle

The nearside point pocket is really gorgeous, and is coming up pretty mahogany too.

The engineering of the seat

The gullet

There are some stitches in the gullet, up near the tree. Unsure what they are for.

At last – the tree!

The tree is sound and strong. 🙂

Nearside point

Offside point

So everything got a bit of balm, and then put away for the night. The next few days will be gentle conditioning of the leather before it gets packed into storage with the rest of my stuff. I have a lot of packing and cleaning to do in the next few days.







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